About Us

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Look to Yourline to begin your own branded product line.

Your in-house line can include exquisite, custom-made jewelry at a price that offers you increased profits without sacrificing quality. Yourline will help you create your own distinguishable signature collection.

Our talented team can photo render specific design options so that your customers can better visualize the final product. Yourline can also have any modification requests rendered and in your hands in three to five business days.

Our goal is the same – for you to establish a custom line that results in the most satisfied clientele who will become loyal, repeat customers for years to come.

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Our Services

Yourline offers a complete collection of platinum, 18k and 14k diamond jewelry privately labeled to your store. We offer customization to any piece from our collection with no modification fees. Our products include matching pieces and wedding sets for easy add-on sales. Custom design services are available for completely one-of-a-kind pieces once your partnership with Yourline is established. We offer quick turn around on sketches and CAD models for any modifications from our collection at no cost to you.

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Yourline Promise

Our quality products, timely delivery and excellent service will exceed the expectations of both you and your customers. Our response time to your every need is paramount and we always stand ready to assist you.

While Yourline’s jewelry is made in India, our offices are in the Unites States where our well-trained and knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you. We will always remain responsive to your needs and willing to go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with your Yourline partnership.

Our goal is always to manufacture jewelry that is made well, priced affordably and uniquely designed. Our ultimate goal is to bring profits to grow your business.